About Us
At Bagel Inc., providing you with an authentic, quality bagel is our highest priority. Our bagels are genuine New York style water bagels. They're kettled--put in boiling water-- before they are baked on our stone hearths. That gives them a crusty, almost crunchy, exterior that is so satisfying. Beneath that terrific crust is a dense, filling texture with our famous fresh baked taste. Our fresh dough is made every day from our production facility at our Grand location. We guarantee to never sell you a day-old bagel from any of our stores.

Some modern "bagel bakeries" prefer steaming bagels on a sheet pan in a rack oven because it is less expensive. They add oil and preservatives and are more concerned with bagel shape than taste and substance. Our standards are much higher and we think yours are too! At Bagel Inc., we only bake genuine, old-fashioned, kettle boiled bagels.